Fully automatic 420 numerical incubator

3,600,000 تومان

Automatic machine for birds
With mobile control feature (gsm) without internet connection
Chicken Pheasant Ostrich Goose Turkey Quail Quail Chicken Duck

Most buyers of this machine are urban and rural entrepreneurs who use the incubator to create family members and organic and native products. The 420 Numeric Chicken or 960 Numeric Quail is one of the most popular devices for proper capacity. This incubation machine has the highest capacity in the category of household machines and the lowest capacity for incubating machines with the use of poultry farms.
Easy to use and unobtrusive in the intelligent control system, people who are unfamiliar with day-to-day technology can easily work with this product. The rotating and rotating wheels, which are fixed under the device, make it easy to transport the machine.


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